#418 Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration


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Incremental ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core Migration

ASP.NET Core is the modern, unified, web framework for .NET that handles all your web dev needs. It is fully open source, cross-platform, and full of innovative features: Blazor, SignalR, gRPC, minimal APIs, etc. Over the past few years, we have seen many customers wanting to move their application from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core. Customers that have migrated to ASP.NET Core have achieved huge cost savings, including Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft Graph, and Azure Active Directory.

3 ways to check the object passed to mocks with Moq in C#

Even though some developers are harshly against the usage of mocks, they can be useful, especially when the mocked operation does not return any value, but still, you want to check that you've called a specific method with the correct values.

Running .NET on RISC-V

Since I started porting .NET nanoFramework to POSIX one of my goals was also to have the opportunity to run .NET in RISC-V architecture. With the POSIX port this was "easy". I can cross-compile the nanoFramework to Linux RISC-V and the RISC-V platforms that NuttX supports.

Getting Started on Nullable Reference Types

Since the beginning of C#, all reference types in C# are nullable. This means, if you create a variable of any reference type, you can assign a null to it. If that variable is NULL, then C# allowed dereferencing it without any checks.

Uploading files with HttpClient in .NET 6

I recently needed to figure out a way to send files to a third-party “document manager” system using HttpClient in .NET 6.0. This “document manager” system already had an API for uploading files, which we had previously gotten working in our teams Postman collection.


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