#423 Modern distributed tracing with dotnet


What’s Coming for Blazor in .NET 7?

.NET 7 is slated for release later this year, but what will it bring for us Blazor developers? The first few ASP.NET 7 preview releases have been released and you may have noticed they haven’t included many (if any) Blazor changes. Here’s a list, based on public comments and published GitHub issues, of possible new features and improvements.

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Modern distributed tracing with dotnet

For any modern dotnet system, distributed tracing is already built in to the default web client, server, and other operations.

How to run ASP.NET Core Web Application as a service on Linux

The end goal is to serve ASP.NET Core directly via the built-in Kestrel webserver over port 80/443. No reverse proxy, no NGINX and no Apache. Reverse proxies are great and still recommended but there's enough of documentation on that already.

Minimal API Validation with FluentValidation

There’s some discussion around the ASP.NET Core repository on the best way to give Minimal API users access to validation as a programmatic concept inside of ASP.NET Core. It’s a lot of positive feedback with some good ideas, so I thought I’d try to implement some of the features using my favorite validation library, FluentValidation, because I can’t wait! I mostly find it fun to try things out, and validation is an exciting topic. If you’re exploring Minimal APIs, you’ll want to check this post out and apply the code to your projects. Let’s get started.

AlterNats — High Performance .NET

Last month, I’ve released new .NET PubSub library for NATS — Cloud Native, Open Source, High-performance Messaging System.

Thread marshalling in Reactive Programming - Observe On vs Subscribe On

In my opinion, thread marshalling is one of the hardest concepts in asynchronous programming. Understanding multi-threading, and further, taking control of multi-threading in functional programming can be a daunting task. It demands knowledge of where you came from, where you are going and when you are scheduled to arrive. Some operators expose overloads for passing a thread context and it isn't always obvious you should use it. All things that we don't generally consider, matter when we want to harness the power of things like the TaskpoolScheduler. The relevant question to me was, what is asynchronous programming, and does asynchrony guarantee multiple threads?


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