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#426 – August 01, 2022


50 Reasons to Use Uno Platform for Any App Scenario

Uno Platform makes it easy to build multi-platform applications from design to code with C# and WinUI. Learn 50 reasons why it could be right for your next mobile, web, and desktop project.

this week's favorite

Asynchronous Programming in .NET - Introduction, Misconceptions, and Problems

I’ve found many developers are able to write asynchronous code that works, but they fail to understand some of the intricacies and commonly make small mistakes that have significant effects on the scalability and performance of their applications.

Profiler Driven Development

There are many extreme software development strategies out there. PDD can mean Panic Driven, or Performance Driven Development. The first one should be avoided, the second is a MSR paper dealing with performance modelling techniques. Everyone writes tests for their software because they have proven to be useful, but why are so few people profiling their own code? Is it too difficult?

The Case for C# and .NET

It has been interesting as I’ve shifted out of .NET ecosystem which I’ve worked with on the server side (and some stints of desktop client/tooling work) since the beta versions just before the first release.

C# 11 Generic Attributes More Than Syntax Sugar

Unless you are a library developer or into code generators, you may not see the benefit of this one. BUT (there's always a but), please bear with me! I believe that Generic Attributes is the stepping stone to many quality-of-life improvements across the framework.

Union types in C#

In the article “How to effectively compose your business logic”, I explained how explicit types definition can help in making our codebase closer to the business domain, also predictable and secured. I used Java as an example, as its origins from the Object-Oriented paradigm. So it was a choice like with New York: “if you can make it here, you can make it everywhere”. I was asked, okay, but how to model that in C#? Fasten seat belts, as this will be a rough ride! Here I come with an answer!


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