#429 New in Entity Framework 7: Bulk Operations with ExecuteDelete and ExecuteUpdate


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New in Entity Framework 7: Bulk Operations with ExecuteDelete and ExecuteUpdate

Version 7 of Entity Framework includes some popular features that have been asked for, one of which is Bulk Operations. This feature came to my attention from a tweet by Julie Lerman, and I had to try it out for myself.

Managing the most dangerous constructor ever

The design of the X509Certificate2 is badly broken in terms of safety. If you load a certificate from the disk or a byte buffer, it will go ahead and create a file on the disk behind the scene. If you’ll dispose the instance, the file will be removed. However, if you don’t explicitly dispose the instance, that is too bad. The file remains.

Finding .NET Transitive Dependencies and Tidying Up Your Project

Do you remember DLL Hell? 😈 Yes, me too. If you don't remember, I'm happy for you. No Developer should suffer like that.

Detours: redirecting C# methods at runtime

Detours are a way to replace the implementation of a C# method. Basically, you take a method (typically from some assembly you don’t have the source for) and overwrite it with a jmp to your own implementation.

Using LINQ and Getting Chunky With .NET

Sometimes you need to break down a large number into smaller chunks. For me, I regularly chunk data when I need to bulk import data records into a database. I find that fine-tuning the chunks can help improve data-loading performance when compared to trying to force all of the data in at once. In this short yet fun post, I will write a helper method that takes any number and chunk size and produces a data structure that you can use in loops to load data.


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