#430 History of Microsoft Azure


Login and Authentication Workflows

Auth is critical, and getting it right starts with understanding authentication for traditional, SPAs, and mobile apps. Download this technical guide from FusionAuth, including detailed workflows for Native Login and Oauth2.

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History of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure was first announced October 28, 2008. A cloud computing operating system which was targeted at Business and Developers without additional coding. The original name Windows Azure was a deliberate response in competition to the Amazon EC2 and Google App Engine.

Debugging Entity Framework Core migration scaffolding and execution

Entity Framework's Migrations are a powerful tool for keeping the application data model in sync with the database. They usually work great (besides the occasional conflicts when merging pull requests), but there might come a time when you need to debug either the migration scaffolding operation or applying the changes to the database - what to do then? It is easier than you might think!

Are you using these features in C#?

As of today, C# 11 is in the starting blocks and can already be tested using the preview features in Visual Studio 2022. But here, I want to review some of the features that the language versions since 8.0 brought us. There is quite a lot that we as developers can do differently today than we would have done with previous versions of C#.

Using CancellationTokens in ASP.NET Core minimal APIs

In this post I show how you can use a CancellationToken in your ASP.NET Core minimal API endpoint handlers to stop execution when a user cancels a request from their browser. This can be useful if you have long running requests that you don't want to continue using up resources when a user clicks "stop" or "refresh" in their browser.

Strongly Typed Middleware in ASP.NET Core

Most ASP.NET Core developers are familiar with the traditional way to author middleware classes which is based on conventions. The vast majority of examples out there feature the convention-based approach. But there is also a strongly typed approach available which is based on implementing the IMiddleware interface. This seems to be one of ASP.NET Core's best kept secrets, so I thought I'd pull the curtains back and let some light shine on it.


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