#431 Performance Improvements in .NET 7


Blazor Best Practices: Loading Data

Blazor makes it straightforward to load data in your components, but there are a few key things to watch out for. Find out what they are from our article.

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Performance Improvements in .NET 7

As with previous versions of .NET, performance is a key focus that pervades the entire stack, whether it be features created explicitly for performance or non-performance-related features that are still designed and implemented with performance keenly in mind.

Async/Await — What Happens Under The Hood

Using Async/Await is simple, but there is a lot hidden in these two keywords. To fully understand how it works we will have to run through a bunch of concepts, some of them a little fuzzy but I expect to be able to unveil the mysteries behind Tasks, Threads and Concurrency. Grab your cup of coffee and come with me.

ASP.NET Core 6: Handling gRPC exception correctly server side

When we develop applications, it is necessary to manage errors well, that is to say that we must intercept them, log them and control the error message to the client in order to give him the exact time on what happened on the server side. In this article, we will see together how to use gRPC Interceptors to handle errors in the most efficient way (it is also the best practice to follow).

Broken Access Control in ASP.NET Core

In this article we will learn about what is the broken access control in ASP.NET Core, why is it important, and which vulnerabilities are covered under broken access control in ASP.NET Core. We will also learn about how attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities and how to fix ASP.NET Core code to mitigate risks related to vulnerabilities in broken access control in ASP.NET Core.

Rainbow Colorized Brackets in Visual Studio

A popular extension and later core feature of VS Code, rainbow bracket colorization is now available as a free extension for Visual Studio called Rainbow Braces, by Mads Kristensen. It was just released in the last week and currently lists support only for Visual Studio 2022.


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