#434 C# 11 – Introducing List Patterns Matching


Login and Authentication Workflows

Auth is critical, and getting it right starts with understanding authentication for traditional, SPAs, and mobile apps. Download this technical guide from FusionAuth, including detailed workflows for Native Login and Oauth2.

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C# 11 – Introducing List Patterns Matching

Since past few articles, I have been trying to write about the new features introduced in C# 11 and .NET 7. We already have seen some features like raw string literals, static abstract members in interfaces, etc.

ASP.NET Core API Auth with multiple Identity Providers

This article shows how an ASP.NET Core API can be secured using multiple access tokens from different identity providers. ASP.NET Core schemes and policies can be used to set this up.

C# 11 – Static abstract members in interfaces

In this article we are going to talk about static abstract members. Static abstract members have been there for a while. They were introduced with .NET 6, but they were marked as preview feature. In this article, I will try to compile some practical information about this feature.

C# / Blazor Wolfenstein: Solid Walls, Doors and C# Observations

If you gave the game a go last time you’ll have found that the player (controlled by the cursor keys) could be moved freely through the walls. Correcting that is fairly straightforward, our movement method needs to check if the map cell the player is attempting to move into is allowed.

.NET Implementations of Trie Data Structures

There is a family of data structures reffered as Trie. In this post I want to focus on a c# implementations and usage of Trie data structures. They are great for search for substrings, autocompletion and intelli-sense.


The Good Parts of LibVLC

Learn how to build cross-platform multimedia apps using C# on any platform with LibVLC! This ebook will teach you the basics of multimedia programming using LibVLCSharp and is filled with plenty of open-source and community anecdotes from VideoLAN, the leading open-source multimedia non-profit organization, makers of VLC.


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