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#437 – October 17, 2022


Learn everything about .NET MAUI

While in its early days, .NET MAUI already promises new tooling, a unified framework and more flexibility for developers. Join our webinar on Oct 19 and explore .NET MAUI with us!

this week's favorite

The 2 secret endpoints I create in my .NET APIs

When I create Web APIs with .NET I usually add two "secret" endpoints that I can use to double-check the status of the deployment.

Low-level struct improvements in C# 11

Span is one hell of a structure, which brought performance improvements in .NET on a different level. Simplified Span represents a contiguous slice of memory.

Bing Ads Campaign Platform – Journey to .NET 6

The campaign platform component of Microsoft’s search advertising platform is central to delivering a great experience to our advertising platform users. It supports millions of advertisers, providing the engine under the hood allowing them to create ad campaigns that reach customers with maximum impact.

How to take an ASP.NET Core web site “Down for maintenance”

If you have an e-commerce or business web app used by lots of users, then you really don’t want that app to be “down” (e.g. “site offline” or “site not found”) because it’s bad for business.

Ensuring best practices for NuGet packages

Creating a NuGet packages is as easy as dotnet pack. But, you may not be aware of all the best practices that you should follow to ensure your package is as good as it can be. In this post, I describe how to ensure your NuGet packages follow best practices before publishing them to a repository such as


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