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#439 – October 31, 2022


Sharing Code with Blazor & .NET MAUI

We’ve heard the promise of .NET MAUI and Blazor together—but how realistic is it? Can Blazor developers truly power native apps with .NET MAUI while using shared components and styles? The answer is yes—let’s take a look.

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.NET Performance Tracing for WinUI, Uno and Maui Applications

With the transition from UWP to WinUI and from Xamarin iOS/Android to .NET for iOS and Android, we’re seeing the convergence of application development in the .NET ecosystem. This convergence shouldn’t be undervalued and is particularly evident when you realised that all of these once disparate platforms, can now take advantage of the common tooling.

Fighting with nullable reference types in Razor Pages

In this post I discuss C#'s nullable reference types in the context of Razor Pages: why the two don't play nicely together, why they probably never will, and how to make the experience a bit nicer.

Generic types are for arguments, specific types are for return values

Today, we’ll discuss the following guideline: you should use the most generic types possible for arguments and the most specific types possible for return values.

High Performance UriTemplate resolution with low-allocation C#

Learn how to use high-performance code constructs like ReadOnlySpan to parse and create UriTemplates for C# developers.

Automatically version and release .NET apps

In this post you will see how to automatically version and release a .NET app using GitHub Actions.


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