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#429 – November 07, 2022

Today's issue is very ASP.NET Core heavy. We'll get back to more diversity and broader topics in the next one. 👨🏻‍💻🕸👩‍💻

Performance improvements in ASP.NET Core 7

.NET 7 brings a great amount of performance improvements to ASP.NET Core developers. Find out what is new and how to take adavantage of the latest enhancements.

Why choose a purpose-built time series database? (sponsor)

Is time series data just any dataset with a timestamp field? How do time series workloads differ from OLTP or full text search? And what does it mean for your choice of database? Get all the answers in this technical e-book from the creators of InfluxDB. Download PDF.

Learn how to improve your ASP.NET Core controllers with these principles

Using ASP.NET for creating APIs, and also consuming public endpoints for quite some time now, I have seen both good and bad examples. Sometimes, you can even tell from the responses you’ll get from an endpoint, that the underlying controller design is rubbish. But what does a healthy controller in ASP.NET Core look like?

Understanding & Implementing Caching in ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core provides two primary methods allowing developers to cache information; IMemoryCache and IDistributedCache. Selecting the proper caching implementation requires an understanding of your application, your future goals, and the features of both options. This post explores cache strategies.

More Efficient Deletes With Entity Framework Core

Deleting records from an existing database is a contentious topic. Whether you should or shouldn’t destroy data is up for debate, with strategies like Event Sourcing and Soft-Deletes being prominent proponents of not ever deleting anything. Regardless, Users still see the technical function of deleting records in Entity Framework Core as necessary.

Cool features in Visual Studio 2022

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation at a conference about cool new features in Visual Studio 2022. It was a pre-recorded presentation, so I was able to do final edits to the video before sending it to the conference organizers.


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