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How to install .NET Core on Raspberry Pi

I'm a big fan of Raspberry Pi computers. So I found out that a ARM build of .NET Core had been released. I had to try it!.

Visualising my heart rate on stage using a Hue lamp and a heart rate sensor and .NET

This week I held a talk at Swetugg, a two day Swedish conference for .NET developers. My title was: "NATS, what a beautiful message protocol!". In order to show a good use-case of NATS I put together a small demo where I read my heart rate in real time using a sensor and ANT+ SDK, which was published via NATS.

Dynamic queries using NHibernate with the help of C# expression trees

I had to recently figure out a way to query database objects based on user input without knowing beforehand which classes user wants to query. Basically user would input a type and the system would find it’s child types from a database table. The children would then be fetched based on a set of rules (we do not want all items on the table, just the ones linked to the parent).

WCF Discovery and ONVIF devices

A while back I bought a few network cameras to use at home for surveillance. Before buying them I discovered the ONVIF standard for IP cameras and how it was possible to develop applications that talked to the devices through WCF, so I made sure the cameras I bought had ONVIF.

The 68 things the CLR does before executing a single line of your code (*)

Because the CLR is a managed environment there are several components within the runtime that need to be initialised before any of your code can be executed. This post will take a look at the EE (Execution Engine) start-up routine and examine the initialisation process in detail.

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