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Common Multithreading Mistakes in C# - III: Unsafe Assumptions

In this series, I'm going to be elucidating some common errors C# programmers make when working with multithreaded systems. I'll be exploring issues from a lower-level point-of-view, and not dabbling too much in higher-level abstractions and libraries (such as the TPL and similar); hopefully the points raised will be pertinent to anyone hoping to write concurrent or parallelized applications.

Foreach or For – That is the Question

The discussion about the preference difference between FOREACH and FOR is not new. We all know that FOREACH is slower, but not all know why.


ReadLine is a GNU Readline like library built in pure C#. It can serve as a drop in replacement for the inbuilt Console.ReadLine() and brings along with it some of the terminal goodness you get from unix shells, like command history navigation and tab auto completion.

.NET Renaissance

"Back in the mists of time, when .NET was young and new and beloved of enterprise software developers, there was An Idea. Some developers who loved .NET and C#, but also wanted to expand their horizons, tried to take the ecosystem into places where Microsoft did not mean for it to go: onto other platforms; mixing with other systems than Windows, IIS, SQL Server and MSMQ; using libraries beyond the Framework itself and Microsoft’s in-house ORMs and web frameworks."

Happy 15th Birthday .NET!

Today marks the 15th anniversary since .NET debuted to the world. On February 13th, 2002, the first version of .NET was released as part of Visual Studio.NET. It seems just like yesterday when Microsoft was building its “Next Generation Windows Services” and unleashed a new level of productivity with Visual Studio.NET.

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