#432 .NET 7 performance improvements are incredible

.NET 7.0's Performance Improvements with Dynamic PGO are Incredible

.NET 7.0 was released to market last week and includes hundreds of major improvements across the board.

Getting Started with C# and InfluxDB open source time series platform (sponsor)

If your data changes every minute, MySQL isn’t going to cut it. Learn how to level up your time-series data analysis with a time-series database. This article covers how to set up open-source InfluxDB using C#, reading and writing data, and how to handle updates. Read the guide.

C# 11 Improvements for Strings, List Patterns and Object Creation

As part of the .NET 7 launch, on November 8th Microsoft unveiled the new features of C# 11, the latest version of the popular .NET programming language. The most prominent improvements include string enhancements, static method abstractions, list patterns and required members for object creation.

Making your WPF app cross platform with Avalonia UI

One advantage of the new .NET Core (now .NET) apps is that they are cross platform. Once you create an app, the same code will run on Windows, Mac or Linux with no change. But there are some exceptions to this: WPF or WinForms apps are only for Windows. You cannot create a WPF app and run it on Linux, for example.

7 Debugging features to master in Visual Studio to make your life easier

In this cruel world of bugs that we live in, it’s important that we learn how to deal with them effectively. Properly using the tools that we have at our disposal can make a huge impact on the time we need to dedicate to finding bugs. Visual Studio provides a lot of debugging features, so let’s check out some of them which might help you.

Build any type of app with just one set of UI controls (sponsor)

Cut development time and cost in half with the Telerik high-performing Grid and 100+ native, easy-to-customize Blazor components to cover any app scenario. Updates released every 6 weeks!

Using Static Abstract Interface members in .NET 7 and C#11

Introduced as a preview feature in .NET 6, Static Abstract Interface Members have been made generally available in .NET 7 with C#11. This feature is enabled by default when you create a new project targeting .NET 7 and C#11.

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