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Automated mobile app security testing tool for Xamarin apps

Codified Security gives you easy to use, fast & precise automated mobile app security tests for your Xamarin apps. With a low false positive rate and remediation advice from just $249.

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Choosing centralized logging and monitoring system

While I’m working on the next angle on how to speed up calculating similarities I started investigating how to get better telemetry from cookit. Getting telemetry is easy - making sense of it is the hard part. This also brought another pain point of current setup - logging and monitoring. Since cookit is my pet, nonprofit project it was time to do something.

WordPress Running on .NET

The popular Phalanger project already proved that running a virtually unmodified clone of WordPress on Microsoft .NET is possible. Still the solution had its issues and was not compatible with new WordPress releases. Now the successor to Phalanger, Peachpie, is also able to run WordPress as a fully managed application on .NET and .NET Core.

Range operator

I propose a general purpose range operator which can be used to obtain a range a integral values. This range can then be used in loops, patterns or slices:

Database Migrations In .Net Core

There are two types of people when it comes to Database Migrations. Those that want a completely automated process in their CI pipeline and have very strong opinions on what tool to use it, and then there are those who couldn’t care less and just want to run things by hand (Seriously, those still exist).

Microsoft is Opening Up the Xbox Platform to All Game Developers

Today, Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Creators Program, which will allow any developer to publish Xbox Live-enabled games on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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