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Tips and Tricks to Build High Performance, Highly Available .NET Database Application

This session walks you through .NET coding best practices and optimization techniques to achieve fast data access performance. Learn how to improve connection management, statement execution, data fetching, data type use, and caching to boost application performance and scalability.

Atom OS

A Multitasking Monolithic Kernel based x86 targetting Operating System written in C# from scratch aiming for high level implementation of drivers in managed environment and security.

Visual Studio 2017 Released!

New version of the best IDE is out in the wild for you to download.

Allow expressions of method parameters to be stringified

When an exception is thrown or an assert/unit test fails, it's not always obvious what went wrong just from looking at the stack trace. Part of the reason for this is that you can't see the condition that failed. If you write Debug.Assert(array != null) and it fails, the stack trace will only contain the filename and the line number.

High-performance real-time application monitoring

Every developer knows that nearly all software has some errors. Yet only about 1 percent of end users report problems; and even when they do, they don’t typically provide all the information developers need to find and resolve the issue. The Raygun cloud-based error- and crash-reporting platform addresses both challenges. It silently monitors web and mobile applications, ingesting billions of data points of error and crash events every day, and then notifies developers of bugs in real time, with detailed diagnostic reports.

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