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New Features in C# 7.0

C# 7.0 adds a number of new features and brings a focus on data consumption, code simplification and performance. Perhaps the biggest features are tuples, which make it easy to have multiple results, and pattern matching which simplifies code that is conditional on the shape of data. But there are many other features big and small. We hope that they all combine to make your code more efficient and clear, and you more happy and productive.

ZEIT now deployments of open source ASP.NET Core web apps with Docker

ZEIT is a new cloud service and "now" is the name of their deployment tool. ZEIT World is their DNS service. If you head over to https://zeit.co/ you'll see a somewhat cryptic animated gif that shows how almost impossibly simple it is to deploy a web app with ZEIT now.

Benefits of Pattern Matching

As someone who dabbles in F#, I was excited when I heard that C# was getting Pattern Matching. In this post I want to look at why it is so beneficial.

Visual Studio 2017 Poster

Since we launched Visual Studio 2017 last week, hundreds of thousands of customers like you have already installed and started using Visual Studio 2017, and we’re excited to see what you create. Visual Studio 2017 contains so many new features. From productivity enhancements to new C++ capabilities. Start using our ASP.NET Core Tooling along with Live Unit Testing. Explore C# 7 and our new database DevOps features that help improve your productivity.

Visual Studio Live Unit Testing

Visual Studio 2017 was just officially released. It comes with a lot of new, great stuff, but one of my favorite new features is built-in Visual Studio Live Unit Testing (available in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise, not yet available for .NET Core projects).

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