#435 How To Structure Your .NET Solutions: Architecture And Trade-Offs

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How To Structure Your .NET Solutions: Architecture And Trade-Offs

How should you design the structure of your .NET solutions? Microservices? Monolith? Feature folders? Clean architecture? Shared databases?

Modern Data Stack for Startups (sponsor)

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Using Roslyn to Power C# SDK Generation from OpenAPI Specifications

One day I asked myself “Hey, I wonder if I can use Roslyn to make an even better, faster OpenAPI SDK generator?” A couple years later and Yardarm is a real thing and the go-to choice at CenterEdge for C# SDK generation.

How Wolverine allows for easier testing

Wolverine’s runtime model is significantly different than other tools with similar functionality in the .NET world in a way that leads to simpler application code and more efficient runtime execution.

MAUI Sounds Amazing. Is It?

You're ready for .NET MAUI, but is it ready for you? In this post I share my real-world experience of Microsoft's latest write-once deploy-anywhere solution.

Frozen collections in .NET 8

.NET 7 was freshly released but Microsoft does not sleep. .NET 8 is already in the making and I want to showcase to you one new area where the dotnet team is working on Frozen collections. So let's have a look at what frozen collections are and how they are working.

Pointer gesture recognizer in .NET MAUI

We can now identify Pointer Gestures in .NET MAUI ! Which will allow us to add interactions, make decisions based on what our user is doing and in this way to be able to improve their experience! In this article we will learn to implement them in a very fast and easy way!

PriorityQueues on .NET 7 and C# 11

A PriorityQueue represents a collection of items that have a value and a priority. Now this data structure is built-in in dotNET!

And let's wrap up with a few updates and news from Microsoft.

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