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#437 – January 16, 2023

Five shortcuts to boost your productivity

Taking full advantage of the Visual Studio editor features will make you a more productive developer. Any keyboard warrior will tell you that knowing the right shortcuts boosts that productivity even further. So, we’ve put together a short little video that demonstrates some useful shortcuts you can use while coding in Visual Studio.

How to Create a Map-Based Application in Blazor (sponsor)

Any UI with a map in it is automatically cooler than any other UI. With the Telerik UI for Blazor’s Map component you can have an interactive, data-driven map to show off in minutes. Check it out.

Detecting breaking changes between two versions of a NuGet package

In this post, I describe how .NET developers can detect breaking changes between two versions of a NuGet package at packaging time.

9 Best Practices to Safely Deploy and Keep Your Application Healthy at Scale

An application’s code base is a living entity. It keeps growing, changing, and adapting. There’s always a new feature to add, more bugs to solve, and new bugs that are created as a result. As the teams grow, the code changes more often and there are ever more features, more issues, and more bugs. Thorough manual testing becomes impossible the bigger your application gets and as you ship more frequently.

5 new advanced features improving C# 11

Learn about 5 new features that improve C# applications, including UTF-8 string literals, file-scoped types, generic attributes, and ref fields.

Writing a .NET profiler in C#

In the first part, we saw how to mimick the layout of a COM object, and use it to expose a fake instance of IClassFactory. It worked nicely, but our solution used static methods.

LINQ for beginners: pick the right methods

LINQ is a set of methods that help developers perform operations on sets of items. There are tons of methods - do you know which is the one for you?

Lazy and once-only C# async initialization

Performing lazy and/or just-once initialization is a simple optimization. But what if the initialization is async?


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