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Performant text processing in C#

I recently converted Subtex from D to C#. With the same amount of optimization, the C# version was thirty times slower. Let’s look at why.

Beginning TDD in .NET Core

TDD is not a specific framework or technology - it is an approach. It's a thought process where we think of testing our code from a different perspective by writing the test code first before a single line of related functional code exists!

C# 7 deconstruction demystified

Let’s talk about one of the cool new features of C# 7.0 - deconstruction. Quite often you might need to return more than one value from a method, which can be accomplished in several ways

Announcing the .NET Framework 4.7

Today, we are announcing the release of the .NET Framework 4.7. It’s included in the Windows 10 Creators Update. We’ve added support for targeting the .NET Framework 4.7 in Visual Studio 2017, also updated today. The .NET Framework 4.7 will be released for additional Windows versions soon. We’ll make an announcement when we have the final date.

.NET API Browser

Welcome to the .NET API Browser – your one-stop shop for all .NET-based APIs from Microsoft. Simply start searching for any managed APIs by typing in the box below. You can learn more about the API Browser in our blog post. If you have any feedback, please use our UserVoice site.

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