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#439 – January 30, 2023

Server-side caching strategies: How do they work?

Cache-aside, Read-through, Write-through, Write-behind: quite easy on the surface, but let's go a little deeper.

[Free On-Demand Course] Terraforming Kubernetes (sponsor)

In this 1-hour course, you’ll learn how to spin up a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform. Hosted by best-selling Udemy instructor and author, Justin Mitchel, the course also covers the requirements for Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) to deploy a pre-built public container from DockerHub on our cluster.

A pattern for methods that return a status, including localization

This article is about a library that allows you to create methods that can return a status, that is a success or fail value, plus the error messages – “returning a status”.

Programming SVGs with C#

In this post, you'll learn how to take an existing SVG and create a programmable visual asset with some C# code.

Deep nesting - Why and how to avoid

With Extraction and Inversion (plus ternary operators), we can reduce nesting a lot. The main advantage is that it is obvious to the reader what is important! We have a clear flow.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Your Git Flow in Visual Studio

Optimize your efficiency with Git in Visual Studio with Keyboard shortcuts. Speed up creating a new branch, committing changes, and more.

Using Command Binding in Windows Forms apps to go Cross-Platform

The WinForms code-behind approach has always made app development in WinForms unrivaled fast. For complex line-of-business apps, however, it can become an architectural challenge. New Command- and Data Binding Features in .NET 7 make UI-Controllers and MVVM an alternative and allow them also be reused in UI stacks like .NET MAUI.

5 .NET MAUI Features for Building Great Desktop Apps

When developing desktop apps with .NET MAUI there are great built in features that you can integrate into your apps to deliver a higher quality experience for the form factor. Today, we take a look at 5 unique features to consider in your apps.


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