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Why .NET Technologies Are Powering our Application

I've been developing at Snipcart for a year now. What started as a standard internship matured into a thrilling, full-time startup gig. Sometimes I can't believe I almost sabotaged this opportunity from the very start. Why? Because of three simple letters: .NET

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NuGet is Now Part of MSBuild

After experimenting with a json-based project format, Microsoft has returned to MSBuild as the foundation for C# and VB project files.

Speeding up ReSharper (and Visual Studio)

There are two major sources of performance problems with ReSharper installed in Visual Studio.

Multiple Inheritance

A controversial new proposal for .NET suggests the introduction of a limited form of multiple inheritance via abstract interfaces. This feature was inspired by Java’s default methods.

ASP.NET Core SynchronizationContext

Stepping back a moment, a good question to ask is why the AspNetSynchronizationContext was removed in ASP.NET Core. While I’m not privy to the team’s internal discussions on the subject, I assume it is for two reasons: performance and simplicity. Consider the performance aspect first.

The CLR Thread Pool ‘Thread Injection’ Algorithm

As part of a never-ending quest to explore the CoreCLR source code I stumbled across the intriguing titled ‘HillClimbing.cpp’ source file. This post explains what it does and why.

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