#441 Update to the .NET language strategy

What's happening with C#, F# and Visual Basic?

Update to the .NET language strategy

Interested in what is going on and the future of .NET languages, (C#, F#, and Visual Basic)? We have just published an updated version of the .NET Language Strategy on our documentation.

Retool - The fastest way for developers to build and launch mobile apps (sponsor)

Build and deploy mobile apps to iOS, Android, and as PWAs with no mobile expertise—all you need is JavaScript and SQL. Retool Mobile is the fast way for developers to build business apps for teams on the go, at a warehouse, or in the field. And now teams of up to 5 can build and use unlimited mobile apps for free.

Asynchronous Programming Patterns in .NET

Asynchronous programming enables multiple operations to run concurrently. Let's learn a few different patterns in asynchronous programming.

How to customize Conventional Commits in a .NET application using GitHooks

Using Conventional Commits you can define a set of rules useful for writing meaningful commit messages. Using NPM. Yes, in a .NET application.

Refactoring Bloated Code in C#

In this article, we discuss code smells called bloaters and different techniques for refactoring bloated code in C#.

Accelerating EF Core with Compiled Queries

One of my passions is data! I love all forms of data and how to work with it. I am a .NET fanatic also and have been a fan of Entity Framework since 2008. It has gotten so good since .NET Core 1.0, and I love to push EF Core to the limit, especially around Web APIs. In this blog post, I want to share my ideas about Compiled Queries in EF Core.

Performance Testing Sync-Over-Async Scenarios

In order to performance test the web application and async scenarios, I used Crank, the benchmarking tool the .NET team uses to run benchmarks.


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