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Contributing to .NET for Dummies

Over the past few months in the little spare time that I have, I've managed to submit a handful of pull requests to various .NET-related repositories (e.g. coreclr, corefx, docs, etc.) and incredibly, they were accepted.

Preventing performance problems with Entity Framework and Unit of Work

If you’re a seasoned .NET developer familiar with Entity Framework, then you may already know that EF provides an abstraction over the database, effectively giving us a repository and unit of work.

De-virtualization in CoreCLR: Part I

I mentioned that we are doing some work to enable de-virtualization of our code, as well as getting ready for CoreCLR changes that will get the JIT to do more de-virtualization.

Making string validation faster by not using a regular expression. A story.

A while back, we were performance profiling an application and noticed a big performance bottleneck while mapping objects using AutoMapper. Mapping is of course somewhat expensive, but the numbers we were seeing were way higher than expected: mapping was ridiculously slow!

Maximizing Throughput - The Overhead of 1 Million Tasks

You can use millions of tasks, provided throughput is modest (a few thousand operations per second), at the cost of a modest amount of memory and negligible CPU overhead. Avoid using tasks in extreme throughput scenarios (millions of operations per second), the CPU overhead is huge.