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Design Patterns in C#

Design patterns are solutions to recurring problems; guidelines on how to tackle certain problems I have included implementations of some design patterns in C# to help beginners like me get their feet wet. There are better alternatives available for some of them in the .NET Framework, so this is by no means a comprehensive tutorial.

Arrays and the CLR – a Very Special Relationship

A while ago I wrote about the ‘special relationship’ that exists between Strings and the CLR, well it turns out that Arrays and the CLR have an even deeper one, the type of closeness where you hold hands on your first meeting

System.Threading.Thread, Universal Windows Platform, and the fragmentation of .NET Standard

When a new Microsoft, with Satya Nadella at the helm, first open sourced the .NET Platform on November 12, 2014 it became clear that they fully intended to put everything they had into the initiative and that great things and big changes were coming to the .NET Framework and its languages.

A fresh update to Visual Studio 2017 and the next preview

In his Build 2017 keynote, Scott Guthrie made several announcements across partnerships, new Azure service capabilities, and the Visual Studio family.

10 Visual Studio tips you wish you knew 10 years ago

I have been a developer now for over 15 years and in that time Visual Studio has undergone some tremendous changes. New features are constantly being added and sometimes little things that make your life easier go unnoticed until you see someone else use them. Then you wonder how long you have been mugging yourself off by not using said feature.

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