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#444 – March 06, 2023

Blazor United - Solving Blazor's biggest challenges?

Blazor Server and WASM both have trade-offs, Blazor United looks set to tackle those and make Blazor a viable framework for all your web development needs.

How to Optimize Available Screen Space with Blazor DataGrid (sponsor)

Learn how to enable the Compact Mode of the Telerik UI for Blazor DataTable, what it does, how you can tweak it to fit your needs, as well as various grid settings you can turn on or off to optimize the available space even further.


Developing with .NET often involves delegates, which we can think of as objects that represent things that are callable.

Static and non-static interface member calls in .NET: they are not the same

A comparison of the mechanisms behind method invocations in .NET, with a focus on static abstract interface members.

Speed Up ASP.NET Core JSON APIs with Source Generators

Using System.Text.Json source generators from .NET 6 to improve JSON API performance.

Scaling Akka.Persistence.Query to 100k+ Concurrent Queries for Large-Scale CQRS

This blog post is about an interesting engineering challenge we had to solve to accomplish this for Akka.NET v1.5: supporting hundreds of thousands or even millions of concurrent Akka.Persistence.Query projection queries all targeting a single database.

What To Be Wary of With Iterators and Collections in C#

Which approach is better: an iterator or a materialized collection? In this article, we explore common pitfalls with both of these different approaches.

WPF Begins its Long Goodbye

It was supposed to replace Windows Forms. Now it will be lucky to live as long.

Extending the System Menu to add advanced commands in .NET

In this post, I describe how to extend the system menu in Winforms or WPF to add advanced commands like 'Open logs' or 'Capture trace'.


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