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Adding a new Bytecode Instruction to the CLR

Now that the CoreCLR is open-source we can do fun things, for instance find out if it’s possible to add new IL (Intermediate Language) instruction to the runtime.

Introducing XAML Standard and .NET Standard 2.0

We are pleased to announce XAML Standard, which is a standards-based effort to unify XAML dialects across XAML based technologies such as UWP and Xamarin.Forms.

Glimpse the Future of Xamarin Forms 3.0

At Microsoft Build 2017 we shared our vision for Xamarin.Forms 3.0: to enable using Xamarin.Forms in more ways, on more platforms, and faster than ever before. Today, I want to walk you through some of the exciting new features that we’ll be adding to Xamarin.Forms that we know you’re going to love!

Data and Encapsulation in complex C# applications

In some interpretations of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), data is encapsulated inside objects. Such data is not manipulated/accessed directly by the clients of these objects, but instead, the objects expose some behavior that allows clients to indirectly query or manipulate the data.

C# String Interpolation, Performance test

C# 6.0 introduced a cool feature called String Interpolation, which is an awesome replacement for confusing String.Format syntax, to make them more readable.

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