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Lowering in the C# Compiler (and what happens when you misuse it)

Turns out that what I’d always thought of as “Compiler magic” or “Syntactic sugar” is actually known by the technical term ‘Lowering’ and the C# compiler (a.k.a Roslyn) uses it extensively.

Using .NET and Docker Together

Many developers I talk to are either using Docker actively or planning to adopt containers in their environment. Containers are an important trend in our industry and .NET is part of that. Microsoft and Docker have been working together so that you’ll have a great experience using Docker with .NET apps.

5 ways to manage database schema changes in dotnet · Surfing the code

Most useful applications these days store some data in some storage. Sometimes this storage is a relational database with a well-defined schema. This schema might evolve with time, requiring production databases to be updated. In some cases, this is a rare occasion and perhaps can be done manually.

Actor model and using of Akka.NET

In the same time when first object-oriented languages were emerging, another concept inspired by general relativity and quantum mechanics was taking shape – actor model. In general terms, the Actor model was defined 1973. and was developed on a platform of multiple independent processors in a network.

Getting burnt with HttpClient

System.Net.Http offers pretty neat building blocks to create kick-ass HTTP requesting pipelines. The Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET gives a great overview what can be achieved beyond sending simple GET requests.

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