#447 Understanding the .NET ecosystem

The evolution of .NET into .NET 7. The ecosystem has changed a lot since .NET was first introduced

Understanding the .NET ecosystem: The evolution of .NET into .NET 7

The .NET ecosystem has changed a lot since .NET was first introduced, but the development of .NET Core and .NET 5+ has resulted in a particularly large degree of churn and the introduction of many new concepts.

Modern Guide to OAuth 2.0 (sponsor)

Most OAuth guides lack modern, practical examples. So that's why we put together this guide that covers the real-world use cases and it even includes a sample application repo so you can see working code. It’s based on client conversations and our experience building FusionAuth, a ten million+ downloaded OAuth server. Start reading now.

.NET Performance Delivers Again for Bing, From .NET 5 to .NET 7

.NET has continued to deliver significant performance gains for Bing through multiple releases.

Attackers are starting to target .NET developers with malicious-code NuGet packages

We’ve talked with members of the NuGet team and they had already detected and removed the malicious packages in question. Malicious packages are often spread by the open source NPM and PyPI package repositories, with few other repositories affected.

Streamlining your Debugging process with Breakpoint Groups

Have you ever had a situation when you are debugging a complex scenario with a huge list of breakpoints, and you find yourself scrolling and tapping in the breakpoints windows to disable/enable them individually and repetitively?

.NET MAUI Development Environment Set Up Walkthrough

Walking through the setup of a new .NET MAUI development environment for macOS.

A first look at Blazor and .NET 8

In this post, Blazor and .NET 8 is used to implement a simple website. I took a .NET 7 project, updated it to .NET 8 and tried out some of the new features in .NET 8.

Write your own AutoMapper in C#

Sometimes you have to map an object to another representation in C#. And you think: Why isn't C# duck-typing capable?

Too many timers in .NET?

.NET provides many timers, and maybe too many timers 🤔. There are timers for UI and others for background services. In this post, I explain all of them!


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