#448 Primary Constructors in C#

Using C# 12 you can create classes with primary constructors.

Primary Constructors

To reduce the syntax needed when writing C# code, C# 9 added records with primary constructors. C# 10 then added records for structs. Using C# 12 you can create classes with primary constructors. This article explains the primary constructor syntax and shows the differences between class records, struct records, and normal classes.

Worskshop: Chilling in MAUI (sponsor)

Develop Your .NET MAUI application from the ground up! Join us on April 27 for a live application-building workshop, where you’ll develop a functioning .NET MAUI app with Progress Developer Advocate and Microsoft MVP, Sam Basu.

Clean up your exception handling logic with Exception Filters

We can simplify our exception handling by introducing an Exception Filter. This allows us to catch and handle exceptions based on requirements you define.

Understanding the .NET ecosystem: The introduction of .NET Standard

This post is the second of a two part series on understanding the .NET ecosystem. In this post I cover sharing code between projects with .NET Standard and the future of .NET Standard with .NET 7

Problem Details in .Net 7

Problem Detail provide machine-readable details of errors in a HTTP response to avoid the need to define new error response formats for HTTP APIs based on RFC 7807.

ChatGPT Slackbot

Here’s a few words about how I spent a few hours building ChatGPT support for our company Slack, and how we use it.


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