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Microdot: Easily create .NET Microservices with Orleans

The Microdot framework helps you to create scalable and reliable microservices (a "microservice chassis"), allowing you to focus on writing code that defines the logic of your service without the need to tackle the myriad of challenges of developing a distributed system.

Serverless C# with Azure Functions

One of the features of Azure Functions is the ability to easily create Webhooks. Webhooks allow integration with other systems, including third-party systems. Essentially, the external system can call an Azure Function when an event happens; in this way, there’s no need to periodically poll an external system to look for changes.

ASP.NET Core deployment using Docker, Nginx and Ubuntu Server

Since ASP.NET Core became a truly cross-platform framework, we’re free to use other environments such as Linux in order to host our applications. This is a great opportunity not only to reduce the possible licensing costs but also to try out a new environment. In the video tutorial below, I’ll show you how to build a Docker image using ASP.NET Core, publish it to the Virtual Machine running in the Digital Ocean and use Nginx to expose the app to the world.

Different ways to implement Singleton in .NET (and make people hate you along the way)

The Singleton Pattern is probably the most well-known design patterns that came out of Gang of Four’s book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. This pattern is one of the creational patterns, and basically, it ensures that only one object of a particular class is created and shared among other members of the system. Singleton class should enable easy access to its only instance to the other classes.

How the .NET Runtime loads a Type

It is something we take for granted in every time we run a .NET program, but it turns out that loading a Type or class is a fairly complex process. So how does the .NET Runtime (CLR) actually load a Type?

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