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#450 – April 17, 2023

.NET 8 Performance Edition

As with every .NET release, Microsoft improves the performance of the runtime and guess what: This release is no exception to this. In this blog post, I want to go through some of the improvements made so far.

Choosing between DotNetBrowser and WebView2 (sponsor)

This article clarifies the difference between DotNetBrowser and WebView2 and argues that DotNetBrowser is better for commercial use.

5 useful extensions for Task in .NET

In this short blog post, I will show you 5 useful extensions for Task in .NET. We will build them as extension methods, so there are easy to use.

Debugging native memory issues in a C# application

I introduced a bug, a fairly nasty one. At a random location, while indexing a ~50 million documents corpus, we are getting an access violation exception. That means that I messed something up.

Announcing .NET 8 Preview 3

.NET 8 Preview 3 is now available, with changes to build paths, workloads, Microsoft.Extensions, and containers. It also includes performance improvements in the JIT, for Arm64, and dynamic PGO.

Normalize and compare URLs with C#

A while back, I wanted to add support for identifying GUIDs as part of the URL and got a really simple solution suggested by a friend. Hopefully, this will help anyone needing to do something similar.

Investigating a crash in Enumerable.LastOrDefault with a custom collection

In this post, I describe how I've investigated a crash when using Enumerable.LastOrDefault and how I've fixed the issue.


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