#452 A quick tour of dictionaries in C#

Dictionaries in C# are one of the more useful data structures you can use

A quick tour of dictionaries in C#

A quick tour of dictionaries in C#, including where to use them. Dictionaries in C# are one of the more useful data structures you can use to store and retrieve data quickly and most programming languages have some form of dictionary built into them.

How to View and Create a Schedule with Ease—Telerik Scheduler for Blazor (sponsor)

When building a calendar or scheduler view for your app, there's a good deal of nuance involved. The Telerik UI for Blazor Scheduler aims to handle all of those complexities for you.

Welcome to Hell - Windows Publishing with .NET MAUI

if you have an idea on how to publish a .NET MAUI app as a single file for Windows, please let me know. I tried everything i could find on the internet in the docs and on GitHub but nothing worked.

Memory leaks in C#

A memory leak in C# happens when an application repeatedly allocates memory but neglects to release it even after the memory has served its purpose.

Fight for every byte it takes: Variable size data

In the example I gave in the last post, we are storing the following range of numbers (file offsets, basically). I’m using two test scenarios, one where I’m testing the full range (for correctness) and one where I’m testing files under 512 GB in size. Given that we are trying to compress the space, once we hit the 512GB mark, it is probably less urgent, after all.

C# 11 features I like the most

It has been a while since I posted my previous blog post. I finally made a schedule for me to put more effort into writing and slowly get back to the speed which I was following before few years.

Writing a .NET profiler in C# — Part 3

Now that we know how to interact with the profiling API, we’re going to write a source generator to automatically generate the boilerplate code needed to implement the 70+ methods declared in the ICorProfilerCallback interface.

Drawing Elements on Maps with .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI now features a Map control that allows you not only to display a position with pins, but also render full geometry to essentially draw on a map! In this post I show you how to do it.


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