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WPF UI Programming

A solid free tutorial on WPF by Luke from AngelSix. If you are new to WPF this is a great place to start if learning by watching is your thing.

Virtual Panel: High Performance Application in .NET

Interest about performance in .NET have increased recently with the advent of .NET Standard and new platforms opened to .NET applications. .NET is not traditionally a platform recognized for writing high performance applications; it is instead generally associated to enterprise applications.

Task-like Async Enumrator

Since async/await was first released many have craved a corresponding 'async iterator' approach that could blend both the yield and async syntaxes. While there are several options currently available for asynchronous sequences (Rx Observables, DataFlow blocks), none have the concise beauty of async/await and yield iterators.

Memory Usage Inside the CLR

Have you ever wondered where and why the .NET Runtime (CLR) allocates memory? I don’t mean the ‘managed’ memory that your code allocates, e.g. via new MyClass(..) and the Garbage Collecter (GC) then cleans up. I mean the memory that the CLR itself allocates, all the internal data structures that it needs to make is possible for your code to run.

CodeTrack – A free .NET performance profiler

CodeTrack is a versatile profiler with some extra tricks up its sleeve. On top of the profiling features it also allows debugging and analyzing code execution.

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