#453 Real-time charts with Blazor, SignalR and ApexCharts

Blazor WebAssembly app that displays real-time charts from a SignalR server.

Real-time charts with Blazor, SignalR and ApexCharts

In this post, I’ll show how to build a Blazor WebAssembly app that displays real-time charts from a SignalR server.

Imagine the APIs and Backends of your Dreams (sponsor)

Imagine finding and fixing API bugs or performance anomalies faster than your customers can notice them. Imagine your API contracts being validated and tested 24/7 in production. Imagine seeing and understanding everything going on in your APIs. Alright, stop imagining and just use APIToolkit. It works with your favorite programming languages/frameworks. Free for up to 20,000 requests/month.

Minimal API growing with .NET 7

To create REST API services with Microsoft .NET, the Minimal API was introduced with .NET 6 – with top-level statements based on some C# 10 features.

Create a recommendation app with .NET MAUI and ChatGPT

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a .NET MAUI app for Windows in Visual Studio that calls OpenAI's ChatGPT APIs to provide recommendations based on the user's location.

VerificationException in .NET Framework when using structs

For the people who are lucky enough to never have to deal with partial trust, this is a feature that existed since the early days of .NET Framework.

Reading Windows Application Manifest of an exe in .NET - Gérald Barré

In this post, I describe how to read the Windows application manifest of an exe file using .NET.

Solid Principles in C#

Unlock next level of your programming skills with SOLID principles! Learn how to create software that is easy to maintain, modify, and extend.

MassTransit–Minimal Message Handlers

By default message handling in MassTransit is done through Consumers. A consumer consumes one or more message types when configured on or connected to a receive endpoint. MassTransit includes many consumer types, including consumers, sagas, saga state machines, routing slip activities, handlers, and job consumers.


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