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#454 – May 15, 2023

Are compiled queries really efficient on C# EF Core?

Entity Framework and Dapper are usually compared to determine which is the best ORM on .NET. Both have their own advantages.

Code documentation in the IDE  🤝 dev teams (sponsor)

Dev teams lose 4 hours a week on app switching. Swimm helps you get some of that time back. Create internal code documentation, find it right in your IDE, and trust Swimm to keep them up to date automatically (!!!). Available for VS Code and JetBrains.

How to start using .NET Background Services

An introduction to .NET's Background Services framework for running services and jobs in your .NET applications.

Multidimensional Array vs Jagged Array in C#

Multidimensional array is a compact object in memory, unlike a jagged array which is composed of multiple single-dimensional arrays.

Toast in .NET MAUI

Consider the following scenario: you're using an application, but your Internet connection goes down. As a result, the app can't show the resources needed for interaction.

Visual Studio UI Refresh

We’re updating Visual Studio's UI to be cohesive with Fluent design principles, making Visual Studio a productive workspace for everyone.

Control Visual Studio from an external application

In this post, I describe how to interact with opened instances of Visual Studio from an external .NET application.


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