#456 The Art of HTTP Connection Pooling

How to Optimize Your Connections for Peak Performance

The Art of HTTP Connection Pooling: How to Optimize Your Connections for Peak Performance

Connection pooling refers to reusage of existing pre-established connections to make HTTP requests, rather than creating a new connection for each service request, be it a connection of accessing remote REST API endpoint, or a backend database instance. Connection pooling can help to improve the performance of an application by reducing the overhead of establishing new connections, particularly for applications that make many HTTP requests concurrently.

Feature toggle management in .NET Core

Give your application ability to switch behaviour in seconds using official package.

Refactor your .NET HTTP Clients to Typed HTTP Clients

A summary of why and how you should refactor your HTTP clients to the typed HTTP client version in .NET.

6 useful extensions for IEnumerable

I did already write about some useful extension methods for Task and ValueTask. Today I want to show you some useful extension methods for IEnumerable.

Detect Globalization-Invariant mode in .NET

In this post, I describe how to detect if an application is running using the Globalization-Invariant mode in .NET

Exploring the C# Source Link Feature: Enhancing Debugging Experiences

In this blog post, we will explore the Source Link feature in C# and how it revolutionizes the debugging experience by enabling developers to navigate directly to the source code of referenced libraries.

Building a Dynamic Logical Expression Builder in C#

In this article, we’ll explore how to use expression trees to build logical expressions in C#. We’ll start with a simple example that combines multiple conditions using the And and Or operators. Then, we'll look at how we can prioritize the And and Or operators to create more efficient expressions.


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