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5 features that make C# 6 / 7 more fun

C# is a language that has really evolved over the years and is now the standard bearer for all the platforms that use the .Net runtime. From its origins as a rival to Java in the area of enterprise software development .Net itself seems to be changing from its origins of one runtime with many languages to one language that runs on every platform. Fortunately the last 2 versions of the language have seen some really nice additions to the syntax that make the code more expressive, terse and maintainable.

Shh... Secrets are Coming to Windows in Docker 17.06

Secrets are a first-class citizen in Docker. They're for storing sensitive application data, like API keys and connection strings. Secrets have been in Docker on Linux for a while, and with Docker version 17.06 they're coming to Windows.

What we’ve learned from .NET Core SDK Telemetry

376 117 We are releasing .NET Core SDK usage data that has been collected by the .NET Core CLI. We have been using this data to determine the most common CLI scenarios, the distribution of operating systems and to answer other questions we’ve had, as described below.

A Cleaner Way to Create Mocks in .NET

I’m a stickler for code that is short, concise, and easy to read. I try to not miss an opportunity to refactor code into a shared method, or even better, an extension method. Unit test code is no different. Since properly written unit tests become the defacto documentation for a class, it is important for them to be as clean and legible as possible. That way a new developer can easily and quickly figure out what is going on.

Project Snowflake: Non-blocking safe manual memory management in .NET

Garbage collection greatly improves programmer productivity and ensures memory safety. Manual memory management on the other hand often delivers better performance but is typically unsafe and can lead to system crashes or security vulnerabilities. We propose integrating safe manual memory management with garbage collection in the .NET runtime to get the best of both worlds. In our design, programmers can choose between allocating objects in the garbage collected heap or the manual heap. 

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