#457 Raiders of the lost root: looking for memory leaks in .NET

This post explains how you could write your own memory profiler based on .NET profiler APIs

Raiders of the lost root: looking for memory leaks in .NET

This post explains how you could write your own memory profiler based on.NET profiler APIs in C++. Refer to this post for an introduction of how to implement ICorProfilerCallback to be loaded by the CLR in a .NET process.

How to Get Started with Telerik Blazor Data Grid (sponsor)

If there’s one thing you’re likely to find yourself doing in your Blazor web applications, it’s working with data. The simplest (and most common) way to do this is often via a table (or grid). Learn how the Telerik UI for Blazor DataGrid can make working with data in your Blazor web applications much easier.

Where are Objects Allocated in C#? Understanding Heap and Stack

In the world of C# programming, understanding where objects are allocated is crucial for optimizing memory usage and ensuring efficient code execution. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the two primary memory locations for object allocation in C#: the heap and the stack. By grasping these concepts, you’ll be equipped with valuable insights that can help you write high-performance C# applications.

Serialize private fields and properties

It does not work out of the box, but the necessary extension points are in place to change this behavior. The way to do this is by writing your own Modifier.

nameof get's a bit better in C# 12

The nameof operator is a great way to get the name of a variable, type, or member. With C# 12 it's getting even better. Let's see how.

9 Announcements in Microsoft Build 2023 and their Implications for the Future

The annual Microsoft Build 2023 conference just occurred and it came with a truckload of announcements. This event is Microsoft’s developer-focused conference, and it’s usually about cloud services and developer platforms.

Relationships in Entity Framework Core

We will create more models that are a vital part of a blog, for example, authors and tags and you will learn how they relate to each other and how to configure those relationships using different approaches of entity framework core.

C# JWT Authentication .NET 6

In this article, we will work on implementing C# JWT Authentication using .NET 7 - which also works for .NET 6, and preview .NET 8 - using ASP.NET Core.

Speech Recognition in .NET MAUI with CommunityToolkit

Learn how you can incorporate Speech Recognition into your .Net MAUI applications.

Even if you can't write assembly like a poet, you can read disassembly like a hunter

This is a very concise introduction to x86 disassembly. It shows that you probably have all the skills to start reading disassembly right now even if you thought it was too complicated for you. It really isn't, see it for yourself.


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