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#458 – June 12, 2023

Reduce heap allocations by using static anonymous functions

As a C# developer you got used to apply anonymous functions everywhere. Everytime you write a LINQ statement or use a lamdbda expression, you are creating an anonymous function.

Choosing the Right PDF Library: A Comprehensive Comparison by Jeff Fritz (sponsor)

Microsoft MVP Jeff, compares popular HTML to PDF libraries (iTextSharp, Syncfusion, Aspose, IronPDF) based on ease of use, performance, functionality, render quality, and pricing. Developers can make an informed decision based on their specific requirements.

Implicit Operators in C# and How To Create a Multi Type

Want to see how implicit operators work in C#? Check out this example code to see how you can make a multi-type object in dotnet that uses implicit operators.

Time abstraction in .NET 8

With the upcoming release of .NET, the team introduced an abstraction of time itself. That can bring you major benefits especially if you have to test scenarios where time is a crucial part! Until now, you had to create your own wrapper. This, of course, makes integration with 3rd party libraries tricky.

Understanding SameSite cookies

In this post I look at SameSite cookies in more detail. I'll describe what they are, why they're useful, and what problems they can cause.

How to add Dependency Injection, Configurations, and Logging in a .NET 7 Console Application

By default, you cannot use Dependency Injection, custom logging, and configurations from settings in a Console Application. Unless you create a custom Host.

Entity Framework Core 7: Filtering on JSON Arrays

JSON support in Entity Framework Core and filtering on JSON collections in Microsoft SQL Server.

And lastly, a couple of neat projects.


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