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Introducing Support for Brotli Compression

Brotli is a relatively new compression algorithm. It’s quite beneficial for web clients, with decompression performance comparable to gzip while significantly improving the compression ratio. These are powerful properties for serving static content such as fonts and html pages. Thus, if you currently use gzip or Deflate as compression for your web site (or have never used compression) you should give Brotli a try.

Top 5 .NET Exceptions

When you use the word Exception it always sounds scary, but exceptions in .NET are far from scary and are much more useful than the old days of returning error codes and error strings.  There’s no excuse for your methods to provide return values which hide the details of why something went wrong.

Open Source PHP Compiler to .NET and WordPress under ASP.NET Core

The Peachpie PHP compiler project joined the .NET Foundation this week and I'm trying to get my head around it. PHP in .NET? PHP on .NET? Under .NET? What compiles to what? Why would I want this? How does it work? Does it feel awesome or does it feel gross?

Demystifying C# Generics

The concept of generics is not new; It has been there since 1973 when it was first pioneered by a programming language called ML, and throughout the years generics were part of many programming languages including ADA, Java, Delphi, Rust and Huskell. In C++ generics are known as templates, and the STL (Standard Template Library) relies heavily on generics. For further and in-depth details regarding generics in programming languages, Wikipedia has a good and in-depth read about generic programming.

A look at the internals of ‘boxing’ in the CLR

It’s a fundamental part of .NET and can often happen without you knowing, but how does it actually work? What is the .NET Runtime doing to make boxing possible?

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