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#459 – June 19, 2023

Arrays: A Data Structure Deep Dive

Master the art of efficient data manipulation and access with arrays, a foundational part of almost every programming language!

Modern Guide to OAuth 2.0 (sponsor)

Most OAuth guides lack modern, practical examples. So that's why we put together this guide that covers the real-world use cases and it even includes a sample application repo so you can see working code. It’s based on client conversations and our experience building FusionAuth, a ten million+ downloaded OAuth server. Start reading now.

How does List work under the hood in .NET?

A List is one of the most used data types in .NET. You can dynamically add elements without taking care of how that happens. But do you know what is going on under the hood?

Treat your .NET Minimal API Endpoint as the application layer

Leverage the power of Minimal APIs to treat your endpoint as the application layer. This has several benefits, but I find the biggest one being the simplicity of it.

How to detect heap allocations

A few weeks ago I talked about static anonymous functions and how they can help to limit the number of heap allocations when using lambdas.

Use custom Equality comparers in Nunit tests

When writing unit tests, there are smarter ways to check if two objects are equal than just comparing every field one by one.

The Privilege of .NET Tooling Choices

How I choose the right .NET development tools for me and my development team.


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