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#460 – June 26, 2023

Using StringBuilder To Replace Values

Have you ever had to clean up your users’ input, only to realize the pain and aggravation it can lead to with all the unnecessary memory overhead? I recently had an “aha!” moment and thought I would share this tip with you.

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Validating nested DataAnnotation IOptions recursively with MiniValidation

In this short post I show how you can use the MiniValidation library from Damian Edwards to support recursive validation of IOptions object in .NET 6+.

How to use RuntimeHelpers.IsReferenceOrContainsReferences to micro-optimize collections

In this post, I describe how to use RuntimeHelpers.IsReferenceOrContainsReferences to micro-optimize collections in .NET.

Reset passwords in ASP.NET Core using delegated permissions and Microsoft Graph

This article shows how an administrator can reset passwords for local members of an Azure AD tenant using Microsoft Graph and delegated permissions. An ASP.NET Core application is used to implement the Azure AD client and the Graph client services.

C# 12: Collection literals

A new feature is hitting C# 12 and it is called Collection literals. In this blog post, I will show you what it is and how it works.

ASP.NET Core 8: Expose Timestamp data request processing with IHttpSysRequestTimingFeature when using HTTP.sys

ASP.NET Core 8 is quite there and brings some improvements in performance diagnostics! In this post I will show how to collect detailed timestamp data related to request processing when using HTTP.sys with the new interface IHttpSysRequestTimingFeature.


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