#461 LINQ: Select.Where or Where.Select?

Which one should I use, Select.Where or Where.Select?

LINQ: Select.Where or Where.Select?

LINQ is a very powerful tool for querying data. As the majority of functions are built on top of IEnumerable and it, in most cases returns IEnumerable as well, it is very easy to chain multiple functions together. That leaves you with a question: which one should I use, Select.Where or Where.Select?

Best Place to Edit Your Images—On the Maui Shoreline! (sponsor)

Can you imagine the modern world we are living in without image editing tools? What would influencers do?! 🙊 The .NET MAUI Image Editor is here and ready to find its place in your desktop and mobile applications. View, edit and save images without installing any third-party software or opening an external app.

Incremental Loading with MVVM and MVUX

By providing the ListView with an ItemsSource that implements the ISupportIncrementalLoading interface, the ListView will automatically call the LoadMoreItemsAsync method as more items are required. For example when the user scrolls down to a stuitable place in the ListView.

Microsoft .NET Code Analysis: Always Add Braces in C#

Not adding braces {} to if statements can lead to issues and affect code readability. This article discusses why proper braces placement is important in C#.

Getting Started with API Management

API Management is like having a reliable system of practices, tools, and platforms that help organizations effectively manage, secure, and optimize their APIs.

HTMX Boosts and ASP.NET Core Anti-Forgery Tokens

In this post, I’ll discuss how to work with anti-forgery tokens and some techniques I’ve taken to help mitigate the issues you might run into when working with HTMX boosts and ASP.NET Core security measures.

ASP.NET Core CORS Wildcard Subdomains

This post will demonstrate how to setup wildcard subdomains for your CORS config in ASP.NET Core.

The Outbox Pattern with Mongo, Kafka and Debezium in C#

Discover a practical solution for the Dual Write Problem in distributed systems using the Outbox Pattern. This guide presents a C# demo app with MongoDB, Kafka, and Debezium, illustrating reliable data propagation between services.

Using encryption to verify a license key

A long while ago I had this project, which allows you to define software licenses that you can distribute. The basic idea is pretty simple, we want to be able to define a key (needs to be short and copy/pastable) that we’ll be able to provide to our code that is running in a separate environment. In particular, we have to deal with the issue of not being connected to a central server.


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