#462 The minimal API AOT compilation template

Demonstratation of one of the main benefits of AOT – faster startup times

The minimal API AOT compilation template

In this post, I look at the new "AOT-ready" template shipping in the .NET 8 SDK preview releases, point out some of the interesting features, and demonstrate one of the main benefits of AOT - faster startup times.

Free Manning Early Access: Road to Kubernetes eBook (sponsor)

Start by building sample applications in Python and Node.js and then explore methods for deploying them with virtual machines, containers, and, finally, Kubernetes! Each chapter builds on what has gone before as you learn to utilize tools like GitHub Actions and CI/CD practices to make portable apps that can quickly move between deployment setups. As you journey through the different deployment methods, you’ll discover best practices that you can apply with any language or stack.

How to automatically refresh configurations with Azure App Configuration in .NET

ASP.NET allows you to poll Azure App Configuration to always get the most updated values without restarting your applications. It’s simple, but you have to think thoroughly.

Validating or verifying emails

On separating preconditions from business rules.

Why I like and prefer xUnit

In almost all of my projects, I only use xUnit, and here is a small love letter. Especially the one fact I do think makes it a good choice!

Your own ChatGPT-like AI in C#

For the past few months, a lot of news in tech as well as mainstream media has been around ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) product by the folks at OpenAI.ChatGPT is a Large Language Model (LLM) that is fine-tuned for conversation.

Improvements to the Caching Abstraction in ASP.NET Core - .NET Blog

We are updating caching in ASP.NET Core to be more intuitive and reliable.

Improved Source Generators and Code Fixers Arrive in .NET Community Toolkit 8.2.1

Announcing the .NET Community Toolkit 8.2.1, featuring lots of improvements, performance optimizations to the MVVM Toolkit source generators, new code fixers and improved diagnostics, and more.


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