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#463 – July 17, 2023

How small is the smallest .NET Hello World binary?

Here is a dumb question that you probably never asked yourself: What is the minimal amount of bytes we need to store in a .NET executable to have the CLR print the string"Hello, World!" to the standard output?

Entity framework features I wish I knew earlier

Some useful built-in Entity Framework features that I discovered along the way, which have helped me.

Exploring Blazor Changes in .NET 8 - Server Side Rendering

So you’ve decided to build your new web app using Blazor. You’ve heard good things, about how productive your fellow developers are now they’ve jumped on the Blazor bandwagon, and you want to join.

10x Performance with SIMD Vectorized Code in C#

I won't claim that the version described in this blog post is the fastest on earth, and so the goal is more educational and about SIMD empowering: if you are not familiar with SIMD code or you feel intimidated about using them, please don't. They are fun to use and they can often give this satisfaction of a 10x performance boost.

2 ways to define ASP.NET Core custom Middleware

Customizing the behavior of an HTTP request is easy: you can use a middleware defined as a delegate or as a class.

Vertical Slices in practice

I’m a preacher for the CQRS, Vertical Slices, and Feature Folders. I won’t hide that, and I won’t even try. I believe that structuring code based on the business feature helps deliver business value, thanks to an increased focus on the domain and reduced cognitive load.


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