#466 How to benchmark different .NET versions

With the famous BenchmarkDotNet library you can benchmark a lot

How to benchmark different .NET versions

With the famous BenchmarkDotNet library you can benchmark a lot - but it doesn't stop with a single .NET version. You can benchmark multiple versions of the same code that targets different runtimes.

Workshop: How to Migrate to .NET MAUI? (sponsor)

Master the basic concepts behind .NET MAUI and learn about the possibilities of sharing code between web and native mobile and desktop applications.

Polyfills in .NET to ease multi-targeting

In this post, I describe how to simplify writing libraries that target multiple TFM by using polyfills.

What is Locking and How to Use a Locking Mechanism in C#

In this article, we will discuss the locking mechanism in C#. Including exclusive and non-exclusive locking mechanisms.

Linear Ridge Regression Using C#

Implementing LRR from scratch is harder than using a library like scikit-learn, but it helps you customize your code, makes it easier to integrate with other systems, and gives you a complete understanding of how LRR works.

Stream videos from Azure Blob storage with ASP.NET Core

In this post, I'll show you how I created a very simple demo ASP.NET Core app to set this up, allowing me to play all the MP4 files within a specific Azure Blob Storage container using the Video.js player.

ETags in ASP.NET Core

A good software architect doesn't just provide expectations of structure; they also work with developers to give feedback and guidance for implementation. It's easy to say, "Use ETags for entity concurrency control in a Web API," it's another to empower teams to accomplish the objectives of entity versioning.

Plugin Architecture in ASP.NET Core

For this post, we'll delve into plugin architecture, exploring how they can be leveraged in ASP.NET Core to create more flexible and maintainable applications.

Generate Sitemaps for All of ASP.NET Core

Generate sitemaps for all programming paradigms found in ASP.NET Core.


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