#468 Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches

Messy aspects of migration that crop up when you've got an old codebase

Tales from the .NET Migration Trenches

There are quite a few "how-to" articles on the more vanilla aspects of migration but I wanted to walk through a few more of the…messy aspects of migration that crop up when you've got a codebase that's been around for over a decade.

Flatfile: Turn files into API-ready data with human-in-the-loop automation (sponsor)

Replace your one-size-fits-all, csv-import tools with an extensible, API-first and event-driven data exchange platform. Build fully customizable, powerful workflows that address any file-based import use case, without compromising on enterprise scale and security. Don’t waste your dev cycles, instead, start building with Flatfile for free.

Enum.TryParse unexpected behavior

Enums are very simple structures, but some functions like Enum.TryParse can have unexpected behavior. In this short blog post, we discover why and what are the alternatives.

My favorite features in Visual Studio 17.7

Two of my favorite features in Visual Studio happen to share a similar origin story. They were both created in deep collaboration with you, the user, and went through multiple iterations before you gave your final thumbs up. This is the story of how they came to be and why they are my favorites.

Working with the LinkedIn API with C#

It’s been quite a challenge to get it to work. I ran into authentication issues, permission issues, and serialization issues. So what did I decide to do? You guessed, solve the issues and blog about it so you don’t have to.

Securing APIs using ASP.NET Core and OAuth 2.0 DPoP

This article shows how an ASP.NET Core application can access an ASP.NET Core API using OAuth Demonstrating Proof-of-Possession (DPoP). This is a really powerful security enhancement which is relatively easy to support. The access tokens should only be used for what the access tokens are intended for. OAuth DPoP helps force this. This solution was created using Duende IdentityServer and the Duende samples.

Keyed service dependency injection container support

In this post I discuss the new "keyed service" support for the dependency injection container, introduced in .NET 8 preview 7. I describe how to use keyed services, when you might want to use them, and how they work behind the scenes.

Sisk - An Alternative .NET HTTP Server

Sisk is an alternative HTTP server for the .NET ecosystem, separate from ASP.NET Core.

On Moq and our Part in the OSS Sustainability Social Contract

Let they who are without OSS sin cast the first stone. Let’s look inward on OSS sustainability issues.


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