#469 Struct memory layout optimizations

We could store the exact same information in several ways, leading to space savings of 66%

Struct memory layout optimizations, practical considerations

In my previous post I discussed how we could store the exact same information in several ways, leading to space savings of 66%! That leads to interesting questions with regard to actually making use of this technique in the real world.

The Marketer's Guide to Composable Content (sponsor)

Creating and publishing content shouldn’t be that hard. Grab this marketer-accessible guide on how to refine your content strategy to better support leading omnichannel, personalization, and design methodologies. Composable content makes true omnichannel marketing possible.

Implementing a Feature Flag-based Endpoint Filter

Keep your Minimal API route handlers clean and compact by implementing a reusable feature flag-based endpoint filter.

Generative Builder Pattern in C#

First, a quick recap. The Builder pattern separates complex object construction from representation. This helps when creating objects with many optional parameters or possible configurations.

Why Do You Have to Return "Task" Whenever You "await"

There is something that has always bothered me in C#: Whenever you "await" something in a method, the return value must be wrapped in a Task.

The (long) journey to a better sharding multi-tenant application

This article focuses on the sharding approach of building a .NET multi-tenant application using the AuthPermissions.AspNetCore library. After working exclusively on a sharding-only multi-tenant application I found various issues that make building and using such an application is difficult.

Collecting memory dumps for .NET Core on Kubernetes

How to create memory dumps for dotnet core app running in Kubernetes.

Best practices which can improve performance of your .NET core application

In this article, we will see the best practices that can improve the performance of your .NET core application.


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