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Composite UIs for Microservices - Client Composition

I've yet to see a case in building compositional UIs that hasn't required me to build some custom means of combining things together. Partially because it's still a rare problem to have, and partially because it's highly contextual to the UI you're trying to build.

Microsoft linker tool shrinks .Net applications

The .Net IL Linker reduces the footprint of .Net apps by discarding unused libraries and references, although it's still in the preview stages.

Demystifying .NET Core and .NET Standard

As the newest members of the .NET family, there’s much confusion about .NET Core and .NET Standard and how they differ from the .NET Framework. In this article, I’ll explain exactly what each of these are and look at when you should choose each one.

ASP.NET Subdomain Routing

Goal of that lib is to make subdomain routing easy to use in asp net core mvc applications. Normally you would use some custom route for some special case scenario in your app. This should solve most of issues while using subdomain routing.

The Sweetness of Cake & .NET Core

As with any university project I undertake I like to take the time to mess around with tools, frameworks and languages I’m not incredibly familiar with. It’s a nice way to learn a new trick or skill to add to the portfolio and especially in larger group projects it can be a good indication of how viable what you’re doing would be in the workplace.

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