#472 What's New in First Release Candidates for .NET 8

Microsoft shipped the first release candidates for its .NET 8

What's New in First Release Candidates for .NET 8

Microsoft shipped the first release candidates for its .NET 8 offerings, including the main framework, the .NET MAUI evolution of Xamarin.Forms and the ASP.NET Core web-dev components, not to mention Entity Framework (EF8) for data devs.

Onboard: Navigate any codebase with secure, SOC2 compliant AI chat (sponsor)

Onboard lets you navigate and understand any codebase through AI chat. Simply enter a Github link, and within minutes you can chat with AI expert on the repo. Locate functionality, understand different parts, and generate new code for the repo. Secure and SOC2 compliant, we don't store any of your code after initial processing. Free to use for public repos < 100MB!

Performance Improvements in .NET 8

.NET 7 was super fast, .NET 8 is faster. Take an in-depth tour through over 500 pull requests that make that a reality.

Your Quick Guide to Pattern Matching in C#

Pattern matching in C# is used to provide a way to test expressions for some conditions while testing the types, check to learn more

Observing .NET microservices with OpenTelemetry

Observability has been one of the hot topics, with the increasing complexity of knowing what is going on in our applications. Fortunately, .NET has been investing in making things easier with OpenTelemetry.

Building a Resilient Email Sending with the Outbox Pattern

Learn how to build a resilient email sending method in .NET using the SmtpClient class. This guide covers implementing retry logic for better reliability and introduces the Outbox pattern to preserve email content in case of failure. Master these techniques to make your email operations foolproof.

Solving Race Conditions With EF Core Optimistic Locking

Milan will challenge you to spot the race condition in a method for reserving a booking. The business requirement is you can't have two overlapping reservations for the same dates.

WPF File Dialog Improvements in .NET 8

Announcing OpenFolderDialog control and other file dialog properties in WPF in .NET 8.


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